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Premium Adhesive

Premium Adhesive

Becky’s Lashes premium adhesive.

Jet black in colour.

0.5 second drying time.

This adhesive works best in temperatures from 18-30 degrees and 40-60% humidity.

Retention of 4-6 weeks.

5ml bottle

Please shake your bottle before use.

For professional use only. You must be fully qualified and insured to use this product.

Disclaimer –

Incorrect use of this lash adhesive can cause poor retention. Please ensure you choose an adhesive that suits your skills, if you’re unexperienced the lash adhesive may cure before it has been attached to the natural lash as the drying time is quick. High temperature and humidity may cause shock polymerisation meaning the adhesive has shock cured, this again can cause retention issues. Please regulate your temperature and humidity accordingly.

Please use the pin provided to open the nozzle as it is sealed.


Ethyl cyanoacrylate, PMMA, carbon black.

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